SLÓ is about quality, ethics & aesthetics. A brand with its own personality.

More that jewelry … SLÓ is content, history, art, interaction and more! Travel across the Jewelry Eras with us!

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Colombian brand that follows the SLOW movement, a cultural shift: a new brand of living. “It’s about doing everything at the right speed, in the right way, at the right time”.

Our core ethical values: quality over quantity, fair trade and integrity are central to our culture and identity, guiding and inspiring us in our daily practices.

We build win-win relational linkages across our value chain, based on mutual reliance, ethics and collaboration. 

As private jewelers, we don’t have customers, we have guests and we involve them in every step of the way to ensure the best outcome.

SLÓ is a circular business model, with ethically made & responsibly sourced jewerly. The top most : Our Second Hand Luxury Shop with authentic antique & vintage treasures. We also offer customized pieces made to last [ bespoke + author’s jewelry ] . Our sustainable jewelry includes heirloom redesign and repurposing outdated jewelry. The best way to honor the past.

Rating: 0 out of 5.


Project management, social innovation and knowledge management consultant, entrepreneur & circular economy advocate. 

Antique & vintage collector – treasure hunter.

Furniture & jewelry designer and upcycler. Green Ambassador 2023 at Green Awards Premios Verdes


— Liliana Mendoza

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